Sunday, July 27, 2008

The hardest things in life are death!!!!

Today we looked in Rascal's cage, our hamster, and Colby noticed that she was breathing very heavily and she looked very scared. He picked her up and she was super scared looking. She couldn't move and looked to be having convulsions. It's hard to see your pet going through that and suffering until they die. Colby and I had to make probably the biggest decision of our lives. Do we let her die naturally or do we help her out? Neither one of us could stand to see her suffering so we opted for the latter of the two decisions. We decided on the time and I went to the bathroom and while I was in there the deed was done. I walked back into our bedroom and saw Colby crying. She was already cold as she layed there so peacefully. She was not suffering anymore, but that was the hardest thing Colby has ever done. He told me that himself. Being the man I suppose he felt obligated to do such a thing. I know it was hard for him. He got a box and we told Rascal that we loved her and that we missed her. We went and found Brooke and let her know the news. She was very upset as we all huddled together and cried for the loss of Rascal. It's definitely been a challenge to be a family and make this decision because if I had to do it on my own she would have been left there to die on her own. But I just couldn't do it. I couldn't. It was super hard for him I know and I love him even more because we decided as a family what was best for our pet. I LOVE YOU COLBY!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

There was this boy and this girl...

So there once was this boy and this girl who talked for four months before they met in person. They had tried and tried to get together, but it never worked out, until one fateful day. The girl was cleaning her sister’s apartment trying to get it all ready for her daughter’s birthday party the next day. She decided that today was the day that she and this boy were to meet for the very first time face to face. She invited him over to her sisters apartment where her and her daughter where cleaning. He knocked on the door and the door quietly opened and the most handsome man ever was standing on the other side of that door. They never shook hands or introduced themselves, for they knew all along who one another one. They simply gave each other a huge hug, and the girl was totally excited. She wanted to kiss this boy who was looking so handsome in his orange shirt that had blue stripes. A very nice shirt the girl thought, in his favorite pair of 20x jeans, and boots. His hair was nicely combed and gelled. She fell in love with him the minute he walked through that door. You see this girl was dating someone else at the time and didn’t want to kiss the boy, but a few days went by and they started seeing more and more of each other until they went on this date and when we got back to my sisters we kissed. It was the most wonderful kiss ever. That girl and that boy have been inseparable every since.

Yes, dear friends this is the story of Colby and I. I love this man with everything I have and everything I am. He is the most amazing man ever, and I love the fact that we are a family now. I fall more and more in love with him everyday. I love going home to him after a hard day’s work because he always makes me feel so incredibly special. He doesn’t mind showing affection for me in public. He is the most amazing man to Brooke!!! It truly is incredible. I love living with him and saying goodnight yet knowing that when I wake up in the morning it’s him beside me.

Colby, I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than what you’ve been to me, and a better “father” to Brooke!! She loves you soo much even when she says she doesn’t because you made her mind!!! I love you and I’m not going anywhere in life without you right there by my side. You were there for the second most important even in my life, graduation, and you’ve continued to stick it out with me, during everything. I know I can be a pain at times, but I truly do love you!!!!