Sunday, February 15, 2009

I was made to love YOU and I do!!!

My love for you..

Is the most amazing love I have ever had for someone and the love I have felt in return is nothing I have ever experienced. It’s nice to love and be loved in return. Its just a simple favor of the heart but it can make us or break us. Spending the rest of my life with you is the ultimate sacrificial love. Sacrificing yourself to be with someone else is what I consider selflessness!!! How amazing. We’ve gone from loving ourselves to loving someone within us!!! I’m so excited with what’s going on in my life right now that I can not even stand it. I have found that love for someone else and been given it in return. I finally feel like I’m a complete being. God created someone just for ME to love and for that special someone to love ME!!! How can we even begin to comprehend that.

“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Gen. 2:18 American KJV

How amazing that God would create someone in an earthly body that would be my help meet as well. How awesome is our God. He has created an abundant life filled of love, joy, and strength just for me. He has created Colby to love ME!!! I feel so blessed that we were able to work out our differences and talk about spending the rest of our lives together. He has shown me more than anyone how much he truly wants it!!! I love that man with all my heart and he’s showing me more and more every day how it feels to be so loved, and I’d consider myself pretty spoiled!! He shows me his love in so many ways, whether it’s a two minute phone call to say, hey what are you doing? It lets me know that he’s been thinking about me and wants to hear my voice, and then after every conversation he says, “I love you”!!! We can not hang up the phone until those words are spoken and usually if I try and say bye he says it really fast so that I have to respond!!! He calls me when he’s on the road, he calls when he’s busy, and sometimes he calls just because!!! He texts me all the time!!! I love that man with all my heart!! I have realized that it is not good for me to be alone either and in turn God created a man for me!! A man that would plant a seed in my heart so long ago, care for, and nurture it with showers of love to watch it grow into this amazing flower!! I have enjoyed watching Colby grow as well, grow to love two people and not just one. Plant a seed in two hearts!!!

Thank you for watering, feeding, caring and nurturing my at first broken heart when I met you. You have grown to love me through the good times and the bad. The richer and poorer days and many of my bitchy moments. How could I possibly not love you for that. You are my life, you are my strength most days, and you along with Brooke are what I wake up for every morning!! You complete my soul, and every vessel of my body. You have made my heart whole and taught me how to love again, and I’m proud that someday I’ll be able to call you my husband.

I love you!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


things around here have been hectic and crazy.

Since I last blogged we've seen numerous amounts of doctors, dentists, and dermatologists....ummm..anyone seeing a trend, and they are all for BROOKE!!!

Yes, Brooke's asthma came up to bite us!! It's been a pain in my ass lately and I'm rather frustrated with it. She's had some teeth capped and refilled, due to the last dentists shotty work. Great. And now the dermatologist is mad beause her pediatrician didn't catch something before it got as bad as it did!!! Great!!!

I have turned 25....I'm a quarter of a century old and frankly I was not able to enjoy it as I was worshipping the porcelin gods the day before and really didn't feel for shit the day of my birthday. Just the way you want to spend it, holed up in your house sick. Not like it was an option because if the option had been there I would have been at home, however, it was not an option it was a must!!! No if, ands, or buts about it!!!