Friday, May 21, 2010


According to death is defined as "the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism."  Now many say there are many forms of death, brain dead, or spiritual death. I have begun to realize that all three of these are death.  Death from God or death from life.  What has made me come to realize these things suddenly? So many deaths in my life.  Morbid as it may seem I check the obituaries every single day.  Not because I want to see who passed on to the Pearly Gates but I want to see who lived their life with Grace and poise.  Is it to say that those who have lengthy obituaries were loved or appreciated more, no, but maybe they made a greater impact in those lives that were written about. Their loved ones say kind words about their lives and their accomplishments.

What has really begun to drive this kind of thing home is that people that are my age and a little older are dying everyday, some who I know and some whom I do not. Either way it is always sad to see someone who has just begun to live their life simply lose it.  Whether it be a disease or a horrific car accident, it's sad either way.  It just makes me realize that as we start to get older we are beginning to lose those people around us, and how sad it is that they may never get to see their children get older or hold their first grandbaby.  I was speaking with someone the other day about how we go through life thinking that would never happen to us we would not start losing the people around us until we were at least 35.  WRONG! We have been losing the people around us all our lives, whether it be friends, family, or classmates.  When it's your grandmother you expect it a little more because you know that as she gets older she will begin to develop problems, many of which can not be cured or treated.  Your uncle going in for a hip replacement dies unexpectedly of a brain anuerism and that is a total shock to your system.  A classmate is being taken home from school by her boyfriend who blatenly runs a stop sign and kills her.  SCARED is what you become when you're 16 years old!  It never ends, death is immenant.  It's impossible to avoid and it's happening all the time.