Thursday, June 03, 2010

The new skinnier me!

You see that picture of my handsome boyfriend and I? Yes friends I still kinda look like that but I have lost 46 POUNDS! I've had to work hard for these last couple to go away, however I will make my goal of 50 plus more! Only time will tell! I'm excited that the fat Kourtney is gone and the skinny Kourtney is in!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sadness Strikes Yet Another

Tonight I lay here listening to the police scanner for the town in which I live.  It's a nightly tradition that was started sometime ago while living with Colby, and it comforts me in some way.  I can not sleep while listening to the radio, but for some reason I can sleep with this going.  I don't really understand it either.  I usually listen to see if my cousin happens to be working that night and sometimes its pretty interesting.  I've heard him go on chases down alley's and you can hear him running and breathing...PRETTY COOL!  He's pretty cool himself.  My city is safe with him and a few others I know on the streets.  Except tonight it was no police chase or drug bust or anything like that.  There was a pedestrian hit on a busy street known as Wall Street.  Sadness filled the air when I heard the officer tell the dispatcher that they needed to call the JP it was a fatality.  Now mind you, Wall street is a 5 lane highway that during the day is impossible to walk or even think about running across, at night, the chances of you being seen by anyone is little to none.  Sad part is that he probably wasn't seen or even recognized before the poor unfortunate soul hit him.  Now, I would not like to be that other person in that car that will have to live with that for the rest of my life.  I did hear the officer say that he was unresponsive and there were massive amounts of blood coming from his head.  It's sad to know that a family is one family member less as of this evening. Seeing as this part of town is not a very good one...I can not speculate on where he was going or what business he was tending to, and will not post that here either, however, I can tell you that it may be very difficult for the family financially.  I will keep them in my prayers tonight.

Colby has been dealing with being the bearer of bad news the past couple of days as he's taken someone's position who is also no longer with us.  He's had to break the news of this gentleman's death to several suppliers, one of whom he said started crying.  I have to say that if I found out that one of our good customers had passed away like that, I'm sure I would have a melt down too.  I can only imagine.  I don't even want to think about it. 

I'm sure that the media is all over this by now and it will make the front page of my local newspaper, which is sad.  I can tell you that I was with that gentleman in prayer for the last moments of his life.  God Bless you Sir, and rest in peace.