Thursday, June 30, 2005

My last month in a nutshell

WOWW!!! What can I say. God is truly awesome, and He knows when to drop you on the ground and make you realize, yet He is still truly faithful, will pick you up and dust you off, and heal your wounds. He also has a quite interesting way of slapping you gently in the face. HE IS A MIGHTY GOD!!!

In the past month, I have been on a walk, my parents have gone out of town, Brooke is getting MORE teeth, my best guy friend just told me he likes people of the same sex.

Lets start with my Walk to Emmaus. This is where He knocked me to the ground but was kind enough to pick me up, and dust me off. For He never leaves you alone. It was hard leaving Brooke for a couple of days, but I made it. His love is infinite. I am the Bride of Christ, I just have to allow Him be my groom.

My parents went out of town 2 days after coming off the mountain top of my walk. While they were gone, we went driving to who knows where and ended up in Glasscock County. Brooke began getting more molars. She already has 4, plus 8 other teeth = 12 total teeth.

My best guy friend informed me that he is homosexual. It comes as a big surprise to me, and no I haven't handled it very well. It's been stressing me out all week. I just cried when he told me, although I told him that I would not quit being his friend. I have known gay people, but never had someone tell me that they felt this way. He has been the best friend I could ever ask for and have known him for 5 years. I'm not going to drop him like that. The real plus is that now I can take him shopping with me.

Anyway, I hope that everyone will be blessed this weekend, and it will be a safe 4th of July for all. Adios!!