Thursday, September 29, 2005

I know I know!!

Okay, I have done more posting in the past two weeks than I have done the whole time I've had this thing. I'm sitting here at work, bored out of my mind, mad out of my skin, and ready to...well, I think you know what I'm talking about.

First things first. Most of my friends are getting married...bummer. That makes 3/4 of my class that are either married or engaged...what happened to the 1/4, well we're just a little behind I would say. I don't see myself married to anyone but my daughter for lets say the next ummm...2-3 years...WOW!! I know that there is a man that God has chosen for me out there, but where he is. Is he, this man, lost like I am, trying to get back on the right path, the Godly path, just like me? Is he striving to become something in this life that will make him more money than working at McDonalds? Is he really like me in the sense that he works for a family business? Is he hiding under a rock somewhere waiting for me to walk by and save him, show him Christ, or help him get on the right track? Is he training to go to Iraq? Is he in Iraq fighting for our future and our future children's freedom? Has he been injured or wounded? Where in the world is this man? Or am I just one of those people who will probably never find "the one" until I'm way too old to have children? I hope not because I do want another one, just not anytime in the next say, 5 years.

I pray everynight that God will allow me to meet a loving, caring, and over all wonderful man, that someday I can call my husband. A man that will not only love me, but my beautiful daughter as well.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

What an amazing thing, He already has everything planned out for my life. Now it is my duty to follow Him, and listen to what He has to tell me.

Okay...I'm mad out of my skin because of some work stuff...I had a lunch date all planned, when I figured that we were going to be leaving the office for I figured wrong. His plan is going into effect almost immediately. ***update: for some who are questiong this, no this lunch date wasn't from the office..geez guys that could only be my dad, but a really good friend*** Thank you Sister Sue (you know who you are) for bringing this to my attention.

On a good note, Steven Anderson is coming home on Tuesday, let the countdown begin for the time I get to hug his neck and give him a sloppy kiss on the.....cheek. 5 DAYS EVERYONE!!!

Have a good day all who read this...and drop me a note sometime. I feel like I'm just writing this for myself...bummer. Let me know you are out there...please.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

100 thing about ME!!!

Okay, guys, I sat down and thought of 100 things about me...some of you know about them, some of you don't. You learn something new everyday...or at least you should.

1. My name is Kourtney
2. I’m naturally blonde.
3. It shows
4. I have brown eyes
5. I have a 17 month old
6. Her name is Brooke
7. I call her Punchkin
8. I despise her father, aka…spermdonor, greatly
9. I have a terrific best friend
10. Her name is Megan
11. We have been friends since we were in the 1st grade
12. We graduated from HS in 2002!!! GO RANGERS!!
13. I have an AMAZING best friend.
14. His name is God.
15. He will solve ALL my problems, IF I allow Him to.
16. We live at home with my folks.
17. I am a daddy’s girl.
18. Brooke is a poppi’s girl.
19. I have 2 sisters.
20. The oldest is Tuesdie
21. The middle is Celeste
22. I was in entomology as a kid.
23. I hate bugs.
24. I was also in 4-H.
25. I showed pigs.
26. I like my closet.
27. It’s a place to get away from the world when you’re having a bad day.
28. Megan helped me name Brooke.
29. My mom is a lovable pack rat
30. So am I.
31. My sister Celeste is creative.
32. She stole all the creative genes.
33. Brooke loves her Aunt Celeste
34. I have 3 nieces
35. 1 nephew
36. Brooke is ¼ Puerto Rican
37. But she’s really white…you would never know.
38. She tans well.
39. I burn, peel and never tan.
40. I am a single mom.
41. My favorite color is NOT pink…ick.
42. It is purple.
43. I am a tomboy.
44. I like any CSI show on tv.
45. My favorite movie is “The Sound of Music”
46. I love Julia Roberts.
47. She has a beautiful smile, and she is pretty.
48. I don’t like to shop.
49. I hate going to Wal-Mart.
50. I was in girl scouts until the 6th grade.
51. My mom was the troop leader.
52. I don’t want to get married.
53. I’m afraid to get married.
54. I’m afraid that if I get married, I’ll get divorced.
55. I’ve been proposed to twice.
56. I said no both times.
57. They were both losers.
58. One still is a loser.
59. I work for my dad.
60. I’m spoiled by my dad.
61. My mom hates that I’m witty like my dad.
62. I like people.
63. They do not like me.
64. I don’t like going to the movies.
65. I don’t like their high prices.
66. I can sneak candy or food into games or movies in a diaper bag.
67. They cannot deny me food for my daughter.
68. I don’t like sitting behind a desk looking pretty.
69. I’d rather have a hammer in my hand.
70. I’m obsessed with reading Milblogs. (you should try it)
71. They’ve taught me a lot about life in Iraq.
72. Reporters only report bad things about Iraq.
73. They are dumb.
74. I was made fun of in high school.
75. I was a nerd.
76. I’m still a nerd.
77. Someone refers to me as a “nut.”
78. I have never done drugs.
79. They are horrible.
80. I do like to drink.
81. I don’t drink and drive.
82. I don’t like people who do.
83. My sister was hit by a drunk driver.
84. I like to talk on my cell phone.
85. Dad used to get mad.
86. I once had a $300 cell phone bill.
87. He was ready to kill.
88. Brooke likes to talk on the phone too.
89. I like to write.
90. I have 5 different journals.
91. They all start and end in weird places.
92. I can’t find all 5 of them.
93. My mom does not read them.
94. I really hope my mom does not read them.
95. I could be in big trouble.
96. My mom and I didn’t get along when I was younger.
97. I was a spoiled brat.
98. We get along much better now.
99. My sisters and I are 10 & 12 years apart.
100. I have nails for the first time in 21 years…thanks to braces.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Amazing things occur when you realize one thing....


I know that it has been nearly two months since my last post. Lets do a quick recap of the last two months...I'm missing four teeth, molars....I now have braces, YIKES!!!! cousin has come back from Iraq, a good friend is going to Iraq...I have fought numerous times with my parents...Brooke has gotten more teeth....AND I HAVE AN AMAZING PERSON PRAYING FOR ME DAILY!!!

Okay, let me tell you what I spend a little portion of my day doing...reading milblogs...I will post some of the ones that I enjoy most. I've never really been exposed to the military growing up, because no one in the family protects OUR freedom. I've learned more about the life in Iraq, and the military by reading these "blogs." Its good to see that good things really do happen there, but the media only focus' on who died that day, or which car bomb went off, or who was struck by and IED. These men are focused on not only protecting our freedom here back home, but opening new possibilites to those over there. Children are going to school in new schools because our Military has built them, they've had a successful election because of the overthrowing of Saddams regime. Some of those people are seeing their first bandaid..something you and I take for granted. You can read any of the blogs that I enjoy and realize that those men aren't only protecting our freedom, but they are creating freedom and endless possiblilities for the future of Iraq. How amazing is that?!

Yesterday, the man that is soon to be going to Iraq informed me that he now has a baby....WHAT?! WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU TOLD ME SOONER, AND OH YEA...MERIDETH IS GOING TO BE MAD...VERY MAD!! Those are the things that ran through my mind. This man and I were talking about getting together when he returned from AIT training, not anymore I'm afraid. I have a baby myself, and one he is a 19 yr old dad, kind of scary, considering I had just turned 20, 2 months and 4 days before the birth of Brooke. God is truly amazing. All the prayers that *John has been praying are working, I can see them. They are in full force and God is doing a lot of fixing in my life. He is answering a lot of my questions, because I AM A FIXER!! Two I don't think I could be with a man who has a newborn. I've done my raising of Brooke, pretty much alone, and I'm not ready to take that responsiblity on again. Sorry, don't want to raise someone else's children. I would potentially like to marry a man who does or doesn't have children. If they do, I would prefer they were over the age of two.

I know that there is a man for me out there, but is he hiding under a rock somewhere...I'M RIGHT HERE...COME FIND ME!!! God will show both he and I the way to each other, I have faith in the almighty Father.

*Identity protected for obvious reasons.