Friday, July 01, 2011


I know everyone has been waiting to hear what's going on in my life! Well where do I begin! Hmm...lets start with the most amazing week long vacation! We went to Houston, sure it's not exciting for some, but it was super exciting to me. I welcome new experiences everyday and had a BLAST while we were there! We originally went for my cousins wedding and we planned on staying a week after that, which we did! It was so much fun. I've never had so much exercise in my life. OMG...we walked for miles it seemed some days, but it was worth it all! The weather was just perfect, and it even rained! Something we haven't seen here since last September! We are in desperate need! We played in the ocean, sat outside by the water EVERY night before bed, and just enjoyed each others company! We also visited NASA and a few places that we don't have here! We ate more seafood than you can imagine. I don't think we ate any other kind of meat while we were there! It was amazing! Our hotel was across from NASA on the water and it was a beautiful view to wake up to every morning! Nothing like waking up to water and a beautiful sunrise in the mornings! It was a nice relaxing time! I fell more in love with the most amazing man ever! He's shown me so much these last few months! I love him dearly.

Now we'll move on to the little guy in my belly. It is indeed just that A LITTLE BOY! He will grace us with his presence sometime in October and I couldn't be more excited. It's been a little rough and hard to handle seeing as I'm pregnant during the summer, but we're making it! God has given us a blessing that we can not refuse, the complications I had before are GONE! Praise God! I just hit 26 weeks today, and in a couple more weeks we'll get to see him again and get some more pics. I'm one excited momma! I have had the privilege of seeing him every two weeks because of the complications I was having, but I'll give that up to know that we are both healthy! Brooke is super excited about being a big sister to a little brother, even though she would have preferred a little! What can I say? I didn't get to make that choice, but I'll take what I get so long as he's healthy. I told her we didn't get to pick what we were having but that God made that choice himself! She was okay with that answer! It's so awesome to share this experience with her and with Colby! What a joy it has been. She likes to rub my belly and try and feel him kick, which is exciting to her, and honestly, I enjoy letting her do it. It's not everyday that your mommy is pregnant! She always asks how he's doing when I talk to her! She's loving it! Colby's pretty excited about it too, and has gone CRAZY on the baby clothes. We picked up some clothes for the baby while we were gone at the outlet mall in Houston and at Babies R Us! He's so funny sometimes. At night we just lay in bed and he rests his hand on my belly and waits for Stephen to kick. He likes to talk to him and we play him some music which he enjoys! It's just amazing to get to share this with him. I didn't have anyone to share this with when I was pregnant with Brooke so it's been quite a change, but a good one at that.

We are looking forward to the many changes that are to come in our lives, and I know they are all positive ones.