Monday, December 21, 2015

Life lately!!!!

Our new house!!! It's the only one like it where we live!!!
So I realized I haven't posted in 4 years!!! How in the world have I not posted in that long?  So much has happened in 4 years.  The last time I posted was after Stephen was born.  He is now 4, Brooke is now 11.  So much has changed.  We moved from an apartment, to a house, and then to a house in a totally different town.  We've gone back to small town living.  We bought a beautiful home on March 31 of this year (my wonderful husbands birthday)!  We moved 90 miles from our old town, I wouldn't consider it our hometown, because we weren't born and raised there.

Our new home!!!
Colby was offered a wonderful job the day Stephen was born.  We got the call while I was in labor and Colby told them that he'd have to talk to me about it and he'd have to call them back as I was in labor with our little guy.  We ended up moving to our new home due to his job.  I quit working when Stephen was a year old.  I had a great job but it was time to be the stay at home mom I was designed to be.  Stephen and I have a lot of fun on a daily basis.  It's not always fun as he is 4 and in trouble a lot.

Our first (second) kiss
We got married back in February and June of 2012.  It's been good, a little rough at times, but what marriage is perfect.  We got married on February 29, 2012 and then had a church ceremony on June 2, 2012.  It was beautiful and perfect. Brooke was my Maid of Honor, and my sister was a bridesmaid.  Colby's dad was his best man, and his friend Robert was a groomsman.  Stephen and his cousin Kinsley were ring bearer and flower girl.  They were pulled down the aisle in a wagon by Brooke.  It was cute and everyone got a good laugh out of it.  I wore a beautiful dress (as always) and married my very best friend!!!  We had a wonderful reception, with great food, and beautiful cakes.  
Kinsley & Stephen
Our beautiful cake
Colby and I cutting his grooms cake.  It was made to look like a Mac!!!
Colby, myself, and my sister Celeste

My grandmother was talking to me.  It was a sweet moment as she passed a year later.  Miss her so much.

My grandmother passed away 2.5 years ago and we were sad at her passing but so glad she is back to dancing in heaven with my grandfather.  She had been ready to go meet Jesus for a long time.  They sold her house while I was pregnant with Stephen and that was really hard, I spent a lot of time with her there.  I drive by it from time to time, but it's so hard to see someone else living there and that they painted it.  They put her in a nursing home before they sold the house, and I didn't go visit as much as I should have but I couldn't stand to see her like that.  She had started to lose it, she didn't talk very much, but always welcomed the company.  We would sit in the lobby by the bird cages and she really liked that.  She would tell me how she hated that place and that she just wanted to be in her home.  I understand, I don't want to live out my final days in a place like that.  She was hospitalized a few days before her passing and it was clear at that time that she was leaving her earthly body.  She spent her final hours in a Hospice House, that is really beautiful.  She died when no body was around.    It was a sad day for all but so glad she went in peace.  I miss her greatly.

Our tree all decorated up!!!

Our giant tree with myself!!! It's 10' tall
We are celebrating our first Christmas in our new home and let me tell you it's the most peaceful feeling ever.  Colby and I had so many problems in our old house it was unreal.  Moving has really improved our relationship.  We don't have many shopping options here.  All we have is a super small Walmart Super Center, ACE Hardware, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Bealls, Tractor Supply and a Lowe's grocery store.  It helps the bank account.  We order things from online more than ever before, mainly because it's our only option.  We do go back to our old town from time to time to go to Sam's, Target, and get us some Rosa's Cafe for dinner or lunch, sometimes we eat Taco Villa.

We still have Cowgirl, who is fixing to be 7, but we've acquired two new critters.  We have Sheriff Ringo (6 months) who is a Red Heeler, and Rufus Kitty (2 years) which is a black cat.  They are great.
Rufus Kitty
Cowgirl and Sheriff taking a bath!!

Sheriff Ringo hanging out with us.
That's about all to update my life here lately.  I've got to get busy doing the housewife business.  Stephen is up from nap so time to get busy with the noisy activities!!! Have a great day!!!