Thursday, March 22, 2007

New IHOP Review!!

My mom and I ate dinner at our new IHOP, I would recommend you give it another couple of weeks to a month before going yourself. Our experience wasn't horrible, but I have to say that yes, it looks small from the road and indeed it is small inside. They have made it to accomodate all people from the smokers to the non-smokers. M-town passed a city ordinance last year that stated that all resteraunts had to choose whether they would be ALL smoking or non-smoking and in order to be both, they had to have a seperate enclosed room with seperate ventilation for the smokers. This IHOP happens to be that way...except the door to the smoking room shuts really slowly so some of it leaks out!!! But I can live with the fact that I don't have to share the same air as the smokers!! No offense to you smokers out there!! They have a little perfecting to do but most of their staff is new to things so they are getting used to it, and the cooks are new I'm sure, and they are trying to get the hang of things. Overall things were good, we just saw a few little improvements!!! Definitely clean and pristine!!!

So there is my IHOP review!!! Time for me to go to bed. Hope to hear from all of you soon!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today dear friends...

I discovered that the only dried fruit I liked is dried bananas...the rest is just too gross for me to even imagine eating. I got some tropical trailmix that had nuts and dried fruit in it and the only thing I would eat was the banana chips. I've always been adicted to those things.

"Hi, my name is Jalopy and I'm a banana chip addict."

Come to think of it, I've never really been interested in Rasins. Perhaps its for the same reason, I like my fruit juicy and all over me, not dainty and out of a package!! I bought it because I thought it would be a good low-cal snack for me to take to work to munch on, it appears I will be living off of nuts and rice cakes...who knew. So I bought some dried apricots, dried mango, and Crasins, I'm afraid all of it will go to my co-worker who eats those kinds of things, and I'll be living off of rice cakes!!

Also friends I look like I've been socked in both eyes considering Brooke didn't go to bed until 2:30 last night...Egan get ready buddy because this will be you soon as well. Prepare yourself now. Get up at least three times a night averaging every two hours. You will be more prepared that the rest of the potential parents out there. You will know what is on tv at all times, because you will be up!!!

I can remember after she was born and we brought her home. It was such a relief because I hated that hospital, I HATED it!!! The bed was horrible, and I just wanted to take my baby home and not be monitered all the time. Well, feeding time would come at all hours of the night for the first couple of nights we were home, but after a couple of days it kind of worked itself out and she would get up at the same times everynight and I would get up to pump, or mow the lawn according to my friend. Anyway, all I knew was that at 4 AM "Pensacola Wings of Gold" would come on and that was my all time favorite show. We used to watch it religiously and then it mysteriously went off the air, who knew it'd be on at 4 AM when we needed it the most. Anyhow, it made the time of "mowing the lawn" and feeding Brooke seem like no time at all. I miss that show.

Anyway, I'll possibly be posting pics soon of that building that is going down. I'm going to miss looking at the architecture of the building as it was built in 1933 and added onto in 1945!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Okay friends...

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HPV Vaccination. DO IT!! Protect them!!!

It's a good thing that they have come out with a new vaccination for HPV although for some this comes a little too late. It's a scary situation. You go in for a papsmear and think everything is okay, in which case it is not. THey call you two weeks later and tell you that you need to come in for more testing. So you go. Then in a couple of weeks they tell you that they'll need to take a biopsy. You go in once more. Then they discover that you have Phase III cancerous cells living in your cervix and making their way to your dimise. They also tell you that the surgery that you have to have is going to cost $800.00. You choke back the tears knowing what is next, a lifetime of hell and of fear. You go in for this surgery, you come out okay. They take the cells off , and they call you with the news later, that if you had waited just a little bit longer, the cancer bug would have bitten. It's scary, if you have daughters go ahead the shots are a lot cheaper than the hell I've been through. It's not to say that they're not full proof and that you should throw all caution to the wind after you've had these shots. They are about $360 for the series of shots. I figure that insurance companies will start to cover these kinds of shots, because after all, these kids are our future. I live in constant fear that it will return. I haven't been to the OB in 2 years. What if it's back and there is nothing they can do for me now? What if I can't have anymore kids because now they're going to have to remove everything I have at the age of 23? I have a future with my daughter, a future with a future husband, and my family. A FUTURE!!! They are trying to sign a bill to make it part of the vaccinations for kids that are entering the 6th grade. You think it's too early to start thinking about them having sex, it's not. Every year it's starts earlier and earlier. Why when I was in the 6th grade, boys still had cooties!! If only it still were that way for the youth of America. If you have sex aged children, go get them vaccinated. DO IT!! It will cost you way less to do it now that if they end up with it later. Protect them and their future!!!

TOday is the Day that the Permian Building...

becomes reduce to rubble. I am sad. I'm very sad. The facade was awesome. I wish I could tell Brooke about how amazing that building was, but unfortunately all she'll ever see is a parking lot or a parking garage. Right now as I type this, there is a wrecking ball getting to work out there. I'm depressed and I want to cry. I've always loved that building, and if I would've been old enough and wise enough I would have bought it years ago and had it refurbished and people would've had offices there. I know it's going towards a good thing, and that's to revive downtown Midland. However, I hadn't quite prepared myself for what I would see as I took a trip downtown at 10:30 this morning. As I entered the intersection of Texas and Big Spring street, the ball caught my eye and disbelief is all that I saw. I know it has been vacant for a very long time, but as someone suggested lets keep the building and turn it into a parking garage keeping the facade. It would've been amazing. Here is an article out of our local paper detailing these events.

"Midlanders gather to watch, express sorrow as building is torn down

A 2,000-pound steel ball crashed repeatedly into the Permian Building Tuesday as a crowd of Midlanders watched brick and concrete plummet from the historic property into a growing pile of rubble.

Construction crews from A&R Demolition began bulldozing the property Monday and estimated that it will take another two to three weeks before the building is permanently removed from Midland's skyline.

Residents who gathered to watch the building's gradual demise expressed sorrow, but appeared to also find some pleasure in the spectacle of a massive ball of steel slowly slamming into the building's crumbling facade time and again.

"It's sad, isn't it?" JoJo's Eatery owner JoAnn Brisco said, noting that she moved to Midland in 1980 and remembers when the property was still occupied, "although not by very many."

At one point in time Conoco-Phillips, Inc. maintained several offices in the building and, according to 238th District Court Judge John Hyde, an aficionado of local history, it also served as the location of the Midland County Clerk's Office for a year while the courthouse was being renovated.


George McAlpine, one of several residents who gathered to watch the demolition, told the Reporter-Telegram the art-deco property also once housed the office of President George W. Bush while he was running Arbusto Energy.

"It's very sad, I'm saddened that a historical landmark building like that is being taken down," Hyde told the Reporter-Telegram.

The first two stories of the Permian Building were built around 1933 and an additional four stories were added in 1945. Hyde said it is one of only two art-deco buildings in Midland, the other one of which is located on the corner of Wall Street and Colorado Street.

"Those kinds of buildings were built with a kind of concrete block style that looks sort of reminiscent of the Daily Planet in Superman," Hyde said. "(They typically have) aluminum lettering around the top and curving on the front which makes it distinct architecture of that period. I hate to see that one go."

The Permian Building and Gihle's Tower, which is also scheduled for demolition, were acquired from MYCO Texas last year by TCTB Management, a joint venture of local and out-of-town investors. The Midland Savings Building, another former MYCO Texas property, was recently acquired by the Midland Municipal Management District and is also scheduled for demolition.

Jon Morgan, part-owner of TCTB Management, previously told the Reporter-Telegram that street-level parking will replace the buildings in the short term and a parking garage may be constructed in the future. He said the removal of long-vacant structures is essential to revitalizing downtown Midland.

"I'm sure something good will come of it, new things," Brisco said. "These old buildings are so pretty and interesting, but they probably just cost so much to refurbish them."