Monday, June 18, 2018


Cowgirl’s 1st Birthday.
On Memorial Day, 2009, we brought home the sweetest girl ever. A bright and beautiful Blue Heeler named Cowgirl.  I remember the long drive to Coleman, TX to pick her up. We got to the guys house, and we instantly fell in love with her. She was beautiful! We made the long journey home with her. I remember her soaking a towel with her slobber as she laid her head in Colby’s lap. She also pooped in the truck as well. Poor girl was a nervous wreck. She always loved the idea of car rides, but in actuality they made her nervous.

We had many good years with our girl. She was kind, protective, loving, and sweet. We saw her through many things, often babying her with all we had. She loved to steal bread off of the counter, no matter how far back you put it, she would get it. I remember one time she stole the bread while Colby and I were out at dinner.  When we got home I noticed it was gone, she was hiding in her room, and we couldn’t find the bag.  We got to looking and called her out of her room, she had been smart enough to take the bag and lay on it.  That crazy girl was hiding the evidence.  She also stole food off the table a few times, and would eat something of yours if you walked away for only a minute.  She was sneaky, but we just laughed.

She watched that fish tank for a good five minutes that day!
In 2011, I got pregnant with Stephen, and I worried about what kind of dog she would become once we brought him home.  My fears were unwarranted. She was absolutely amazing with Stephen.  She would lay in the doorway of his bedroom while I rocked and fed him.  She always wanted to be close by him to make sure he was ok.  When he would do tummy time, she needed to be right at his side.  If he was on the floor, she was always right there with him.  She had become his great protector.  He loved her so much and she tolerated his shenanigans well.  She never nipped at him when he would lay on her or accidentally pull her ear.  She loved him so much.

Always watching her Buddy, and her baby was never far away. 
The years went by, and we moved twice before landing in our permanent home.  Of course she was always willing to go where we were.  She was such a resilient girl.  She befriended a tiny little kitten and they became best friends.  She had numerous surgeries for infected teeth, ripping open her belly on the baby gate, her toenail getting caught in the door, and so much more.  She was so awesome during it all. What a trooper that girl was, and she always recovered much better than they said she would.  She stayed by her daddy’s side while he was so incredibly sick in 2016. She comforted him everyday.

Fast forward to 2017, we noticed she was bleeding from her nipple one evening, and we knew that couldn’t be good. We took her to the vet and told us she needed surgery to remove the mammary tumors.  After her surgery he told us that he could tell they were malignant and would indeed spread so we needed to keep an eye out. They got worse, and they spread like wild fire.  She didn’t seem to be in pain and we put it off taking her in again.  In our eyes she was doing well, I often think that God was making us enjoy those last months with her.  We did enjoy them, that’s for sure.

Cowgirl and Buddy waiting for Daddy to come home. 

Last week she began struggling to breath, we had noticed it, but didn’t do anything about it, we were too scared to face the harsh reality of it all.  I took her into the vet last Wednesday, inquiring about if there was anything we could do, or was it time to say goodbye.  He informed me she probably had one week of life left before she crossed the rainbow bridge.  I’m glad we didn’t take that for granted or we would have been so disappointed. We scheduled a time and a day to end her suffering, but she decided that wasn’t good enough.  We enjoyed her on Wednesday, I took her for a long car ride, took her outside many times, and we just hung out.

Wednesday evening we noticed she would head to the bedroom, and then come back to the living room.  I took her back to her bed a couple of times until we figured out that she wanted us to come to bed.  Colby and I got a little bit of sleep on Wednesday, and Thursday morning about 4:30 we both woke up.  Her breathing was terrible.  She was really struggling.  Colby laid in the floor with her for a while before telling me he didn’t think she would make it. My heart was hurting because I knew she wouldn’t either.  She finally came to the living room, I followed her and came to check on her many times.  Then, I suddenly didn’t hear her tags clinking together anymore so I came back to the living room to check again.  She had passed.

We miss her so incredibly much, but we know that she’s with Jesus.  We also find comfort in the fact that she is healed.  She can run without struggling for the next breath, she can walk without a limp, and she is cured of cancer.  We tried to bury her, but our soil is a combination of dirt and caliche.  Caliche becomes hard like concrete once it’s rained a few times and becomes really packed.  It’s hard to dig in that.  We opted for cremation.

Today, I brought our girl back home.  We know she is at peace.  She gave us the best 9 years of her life, and we enjoyed every moment of them.  She was our first dog that we got as a family, she was with Colby through some of the roughest times as well.

Cowgirl, we miss you so much, and our hearts break without you here.  We love you. Be a good girl.