Thursday, April 28, 2005

Boy, Wasn't That Scary

Well, yesterday Brooke and I went to Wal-Mart, she screamed and cried the whole time we were in there, and yes, I have become that parent that everyone says they won't. I bought her a toy to occupy her, did it work, yes, was it cheap...only way to go. However I always told myself that I would never be that parent that let their kid scream through the store, or buy them a toy because of it. And as if that couldn't be bad enough, I saw her sperm donors mother and niece standing right behind me as we picked out some apples for her to take for snack. I had seen some people that I and my family knew in the store, and its a good thing that they passed me at this time. I just gently and quickly pulled her to the side and asked for her help in this situation. She calmly took Brooke, and Brooke took to her without crying, walked away from them and I just kept picking apples. I then acted as if nothing was going on and walked away, while actually following my daughter and our friends. I'm not really sure if his mother saw me or us, but I'm hoping that she didn't recognize me. I think I've changed so much from before I was pregnant to the post pregnancy stage. I was hoping that this moment would never come for the simple fact that you're never really ready. Had it not been for those friends of ours, I probably would have panicked. But instead I remained calm, then I saw them getting into the check out line, so we again headed the other direction until I knew they were gone. They are those kind of people that you would rather just never see again.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Non Trusting Society

You know, it makes me so mad when people harm children because they are so defenseless. There were two sets of kids missing and they found one sets bodies today and the others where alive. I feel sorry for what kind of malicious act those children had to endure as they looked death straight in the eye. I feel sorry for those parents who have lost pretty much their whole world. All these children missing and being found that have passed onto a better place, just makes me wonder. I however don't feel sorry for the convicted, because they are not going to go to a very welcoming place when they step foot through the door. The chances of felons that have harmed children surviving is always on the decrease. Those other guys sitting in prison don't care if you kill an adult, but if you kill or harm a child in anyway, kiss your life goodbye. There have been too many reported kidnappings and slaying to even make me doubt society today. And you hear that most are repeat offenders and they are none other that SEX OFFENDERS. That just tells you that the judicial system isn't working for them. They should be put away for life and not given another chance. Why should we allow those people back out on the streets to hurt another child?

I see these mothers all the time that leave their child in a cart in the middle of an aisle and walk off to get something. I guess they are just a little more trusting than I. I don't ever leave Brooke where I'm not right next to her. I even lock the glass front door if the big door is open, because anyone could just walk up and take her and I would never know. I know that if something ever happened to Brooke and they found her dead, I probably would live much longer myself. She is the only thing that I have and the only thing I live for each and everyday.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Going Back To My Childhood

Well, today I have joined the world of Furby owner' I crazy...probably. I was not deprived from the Furby Craze, I just had no desire to have these things. I got my first two Furby's from Brooke's God Sister. She has grown out of them as she is 13 now. They were really popular when I was in the 7th and 8th grade, so that made her like kindergarten. I have no idea. The one's I have are fun, but know nothing...absolutely nothing about them. We don't let Brooke get a hold of them because they would end up dead and missing parts. They are pretty cool.

I also got me a Nano Puppy while at Toy's R Us getting Brooke her birthday gifts. The girl had no idea what I was talking about until I said you know a Tomagotchi, she was only 17 or 18, I'm sure she really didn't care to remember them. I actually had one before that while in school. However, they don't live very long because I really don't have all day to dedicate to taking care of them. I would have to get a Nano-sitter. I remember carrying them around school, and often times they would go off during the middle of class. None of the teachers really never knew whose it was because 3/4 of us had them. We just turned off the buzzers, but if you forgot to turn the thing off it was bad news for you.

I remember the different fads that us kids went through, from the Furby's, Pocket Pets (Giga Pets...), Beanie Babies, from string to do Cats Cradle, The Littlest Pet Shop Ever, Pogs, Koosh Balls, Tickle Me Elmo, Pokemon, Polly Pocket, and I'm sure many more that I can't remember. And who could forget Pound Puppies.

The fads of your youth are wonderful to look back on, and even go back to sometimes. Now as I have my daughter I would like to expose her to these kinds of things. I bought her a pound puppy the other day, and hopefully someday she'll sit down and ask me about the kinds of toys I had to play with. I will be delighted to tell her. I also hope that she can have that one doll that is super special to her. I have a Cabbage Patch Doll that was given to me by Great "Uncle Glen" who passed on a month ago, that is very special to me. He gave it to me for Christmas when I was 4, and I played with that doll so much, that he no longer has toes.

I hope that everyone at least has one chance to re-visit their childhood before or when they have children. Its something that everyone should have the privaledge in doing.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Today is Cloudy

They say it will rain today, those durn weather men might be right this time. For once. It's cloudy outside but pretty sunny in my life. An unknown (name withheld) has been calling me lately and making me realize how special Brooke really is to me. How privaledge I am to be a mom and to have a daughter like her. God knew exactly what he was doing when I became pregnant. No, dad (sperm donor) is not around, and it's definitely better that way. I could not stand to see a man treat my daughter with such disrespect as he treated me. I'm truly lucky to not have him in our lives. Where he is now, only God knows, do I honestly care...not a lick. Someday a special man will come into our lives and he will love Brooke and me as well. And if I never get married, I'm fine with that. Anway, this is my first blogging session, and someone I know inspired me to get on the Technology bandwagon and give it a try.