Monday, January 30, 2006


Well, guys, yes its true...I got myself a Dell. I'm totally excited because now I can post from home. Thats really exciting and I can check email and other things. My dad and I decided that the thing I needed to do was to get myself a new computer since mine is ONLY 10 years old. Its slow as Christmas, so here it is my new computer. I love it so far, seeing as I've only gotten to play on it today and yesterday. I also got me an all in one printer, copier, scanner, and fax as well. I needed a new printer as well because mine isn't compatable with my laptop because its nearly 10 years old as well. I'm working on getting the old out and moving the new in. WOOHOO!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, between the Stockshow, Brooke being sick, Team meetings, a Walk to Emmaus, school, and work, I havne't really had any time to pick my nose or scratch my rear. Bummer. Nothing interesting has happened lately, except a few weekends ago Megan and I went to Raldy's apartment and had us some fun times. It was great. I'll have to post a few pics of that later on, and the things we saw coming home. Anyway, my clothes are washing, my eyes are closing, and Saturday Night Live is on on a MONDAY EVENING. Anyway, more later from the world of Kourtney.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Here's to you Petrie!!!!!!

adopt your own virtual pet!

THis is a post dedicated to those in someones freezer. For all the pork you've ever eatin, remember that it was someones friend or pet. Here's to you Petrie. He's the pig that was crap, in fact it was sold to us for a measly $75.00. They didn't think he was going to be very good, until we got him to San Angelo, and he won me 2nd Place. THANKS DUDE...RIP LITTLE FELLA.

Monday, January 09, 2006


...Hip Hip Hurray…. My best friend is returning to the unfriendly loneliness that we refer to as the dusty cofines of West Texas. I’m totally excited. The last thing I want is for my friend of…hmm…*counting on my fingers* 15 years to go so far away from me that I’m not able to see her. You see, she’s been my BEST friend since the 1st grade and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. She stuck by me when I was pregnant, in fact, she carried the pregnancy test around Wal-Mart for me, and we saw people we graduated with, and she acted all cool about it. We had our falling outs and I will agree when she tells people that I was a real bitch during my pregnancy. It was a tough time, and no matter what, Megan was there for me. She is the greatest friend I could’ve ever asked for, and I hope that I have been there and supported her through the tough times just like she was there for me. My dad refers to her as Auntie Megan. She is always buying stuff for Brooke and making her things. She loves Brooke and Brooke returns the love as well. Most people she won’t go around, but if we’re with Megan, she will go with her.

Brooke was about 1 week old and Megan came over to see the new little addition, and she held her, although she was afraid she was going to injure her not so fragile body by holding her. She was also very scared that she was going to drop her. Megan did fine, and Brooke didn’t cry. I’m sure she actually recognized the voice that was speaking to her. If I wasn’t at Megan’s parent’s house during my pregnancy I was in Lubbock spending quality time with her. Her mom was really also very supportive and would ask me questions and I would call her and ask her stuff. She told me things that I should and shouldn’t be doing, and was really very loving. Lance, her brother, was too. He’s just like the little brother I never had. It was fun and we always enjoyed the company. Or at least I did. I was very depressed during my pregnancy and it was really hardon me given the circumstances. I would decide on a Friday morning that when I got off of work I was driving to Lubbock and would either be back on Saturday night or sometime Sunday. I always had a place to stay and I was always welcome at her place. If not Megan you better let me know.

I’m not really sure as to how we came about being the bestest of friends. But as Megan tells it is that we were in the same 1st grade class. And I wanted someone to spend the night with me, so I asked Megan. ***If this is wrong please correct me*** We have become really great friends out of this experience we called 1st grade. I love her dearly and I couldn’t asked for a better friend with a better family. ***UPDATE FROM MEGAN: I distinctly remember the day that we became friends. It was first grade and your mom had asked my mom in the parking lot at school. It was the day that Ashley Richards had been swinging around the poles that made the school sign (in the parking lot) and she slipped and busted her head open. I got invited to go to Target with yall (I think in Odessa) and we stopped at your house and all I wanted to do was play with your toy kitchen because I didn't have one. I think Celeste was there. You wanted me to spend the night but I couldn't because I think it was a school night. That is all my feeble 6 year old mind could hold...all I remember of the megan-kourtney friendship event

All I can say is that I feel like a person who has found their long lost love. I’m giddy with excitement, and excited beyond belief. My best friend has found her way home.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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I hope that everyone had a SAFE and a happy new year!!! I spent mine with Pink Eye. Woke up on Saturday morning with two very matted eyes, then later discovered, while driving my sisters car, that something was wrong, very wrong. The sun was bothering my eyes very badly, to the point of wanting to sleep. I got home looked in the mirror and just what did I see...two very pink glass like eyes staring back at me. They hurt very badly, so we got Brooke and Lyndsey dressed and headed to town. She had to drive because, well, we would've had a wreck if I had driven. I wore my sunglasses all around town, and was not able to see because I had to take my eyes (contacts) out. I was in bad shape, I cried it hurt, I smiled it hurt, I laughed it hurt. I decided to do none of the above and hide in the palm of my hands most of the way to town, all around town, and most of the way home. I had pink eye, it was New Years Eve, Brooke and I were home alone, and dangit I had no one to kiss when the clock struck 12. Of course even if I'd had someone to kiss I was in bed looong before 12. I made sure I ate my black eyed peas for luck, and boy should I be lucky this year, because I tested them every couple of hours. Even Brooke had her fair share. I bought myself some Barefoot Bubbly Chardonnay Champagne, and Brooke had her some Sparkling Apple Cider. She was a little lush having two glasses, of course so did I, but its just no fun celebrating a lone.

My parents being out of town wasn't so bad even if things did happen while they were gone. Celeste and I made a deal that if she kept Brooke Thursday evening I would get up Friday morning and go feed at 5:45. Sounded like a deal to me. A good nights sleep without little feet in your ribs, who could pass that up. It was good to get up that early, it got me motivated for the day. Friday evening we managed to break a waterline, and I nearly caught myself on fire. Just a few burnt arm hairs was all the damage there big deal. Over all our dinner was good, the waterline got fixed, and no one got injured. I think my parents were pleased that overall everything went well. Til next time America....