Friday, January 02, 2009

It's a wrap.

Today apparently I'm also posting my 200th post...WOOHOO

Last year I did a re-cap of 2007, this year I bring you the re-cap of 2008

January- I met and began dating Gabriel. We all had fun as my sister started dating Jimmy as well at this time. We all had so much fun going out and hanging out together. I also began talking to Colby pretty heavily during this time as well. I found out that in May I would be graduating college. Brooke and I also stayed sick most of January and I started my last semester of school.

February – I thought I was in love with Gabriel, but soon you will find out otherwise. I talked to Colby for the very first time on February 2nd and that was amazing!!! Who knew that I would later fall in love with him and that this love would be the real kind of love. I received flowers from my sister for my birthday and that was awesome.

March – I didn’t post anything during this time, but the phone conversations and im’ing continued pretty heavily with Colby. Things with Gabriel started to become rocky, and I soon started to listen to what my friends had to say about that man and their suspicions. Brooke had her tonsils taken out and we celebrated Christ’s return with Easter. I spent Spring Break at home with little Miss Brooke while she recovered from her surgery. Poor thing.

April – Things between Gabriel and I became really bad when I confronted him about some things I had noticed, and I finally listened when people told me it was time to ditch him. The conversations with Colby became non-stop. Brooke turned four and I met Colby for the first time. It was truly love at first sight. The moment he walked through that door at my sisters I knew we’d be inseparable. I counted down the weeks until I’d be done with school, and I worked harder than ever to insure I’d graduate. I spent more time with Colby than I did with my own family during this time. We went and saw Finding Nemo on ice as a “family” and it was amazing.

May – I graduated college with the most important people right there in my cheering section. Colby told my parents that he loved me. He was soo good with Brooke during this time and I have a picture that he took of the two of them. They both look very tired. Of course we all were. I took a half day off work to do it. I also moved out of my parents house and into my new “home” with Colby where I would start a new life. And what an amazing life it would be. I lost my phone to the interstate as well, and began meeting Colby’s family, even though they’d already heard so much about me anyway.

June – I began realizing what my role was at home. A place I still very much consider it to be, that will always be home, and that will always be “our” bed. I took Colby to two family reunions where some bad things happened at the second one. I loved being there with him all the time, and spending time with him. However, I didn’t really realize how hard it would really be. I fell more and more in love with him. Father’s day was awesome as we had a huge pool party and bbq at the apartment complex.

July – We celebrated the fourth of July at Layne’s house and out by the pool as we swam, drank, and watched the fireworks go off downtown. That was amazing. The kisses under the fireworks…WOOHOO!!!! We lost our beloved hamster Rascal due to what we think was a stroke. It was sad and Colby had to do the hardest thing he’s ever done, and that was put the little girl down. We sat and cried as a family.

August – Colby lost a co-worker to a really bad accident involving one of their work trucks. That was a sad day around our house. We got a new little hamster.

September – I moved out of Colby’s house and back in with my parents. That was fun, let me tell you. Things with Colby became complicated. It was hard but soon got easier as the days and weeks went on. My sister got married as well to the most loving man ever, Jimmy!!!

October - My Uncle James went in for a routine hip replacement and didn’t walk out of the hospital, he died three days later due to a brain aneurism. Colby and I celebrated six months of being together, and that night with dinner and a movie was absolutely wonderful, child free. It was amazing. I just loved that time.

November – Things with Colby and I went south. It was not good for a while, but I would soon learn that when you back off things will go accordingly. I got sick and he got sick all in the same week. I discovered what it feels like to be heartbroken for the very first time. I didn’t know how badly your heart could hurt.

December – The situation with Colby soon started to turn around and got better. Now what will happen from here on out I’m not sure. I have spent a lot of time at my friends Kaily and Richie’s house here lately and it’s been amazing. I saw Colby for the first time in months in early December. That was interesting. Things didn’t go so well at first, but I knew with time he would turn back around. I knew he would come around, I was just being patient and waiting my turn.