Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Re-Cap of 2007

I know that 2007 hasn't completely come to a close as of yet, but we are WELL on our way. It's only a matter of days now. So here's a recap of the last year of my life.

January: We celebrated a New Year, one I hoped would bring great things. It didn’t happen. I vowed to lose weight, yes, my friends I did, I did lose some however, but every little bit counts. We planned our family vacation at this time to Sea World San Antonio. I made a new purchase on some new fish. It snowed pretty heavily and it was oh so nice to see it for a change.

February: I celebrated the big 23. I was stuck in an elevator with some haughty business man who was so involved in himself he couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I gave up cussing for lent. Yes, my dear friends it got that bad that I had to give it up.

March: Nothing exciting really, had some sleepless nights with Brooke. As all parents have on occasion. The new IHOP in Midland opened, we went and it was okay. I discovered that I do not like dried fruit that is all mushy and gross. I am a banana chip addict, even though they get stuck in my braces for ever at a time. Midland lost one of the most beautiful buildings it had.

April: Brooke turned the big 3 and made her mommy start feeling old. It seems like just yesterday when I brought that little bundle of joy home to start a new life that included her. It snowed on her birthday which was also Easter, so we had a Easter Bunny Birthday. I took a One Day Blog Silence for the victims at Virginia Tech. We were told that my dad had prostate cancer and this was where my year went to shit. We also found out he was diabetic. My mom let me down for the last time in my life.

May: Everything started being put in perspective. School was ending, my dad was still sick, we were all just waiting on surgery, and for me to go on vacation.

June: Brooke and I took a trip to Sea World San Antonio. My dad had surgery the Monday after I had returned. Things went well, and I sat at the hospital for the better part of a week. I celebrated my 150th post. They remodeled my office while I was away!! WOOHOO for more space and not feeling like I was a sardine in a can.

July: Things began to look up. Fourth of July I cooked out and my dad watched as we set off fireworks for Brooke. My dad continued to get better by walking and just keeping busy with the little things around the house.

August: I started back to school. I didn’t post anything at all about anything. I’m not so sure anything really happened if you know what I mean. I think my sister moved into an apartment, which is super convenient for me. WOOHOO!!! for that.

September: I remembered a man for September 11th. I looked back on the past couple of months and pulled my hair out over school. Not much was written during this time. Perhaps I just didn’t have it in me. Brooke and I stayed sick for pretty much all of the month. We had strep one week the both of us at the same time, and then she took all of her antibiotics for two weeks, then she had it again exactly two weeks later. It was so much fun.

October: One of my best friends got married. My other best friend came to town and we had a blast just hanging out at Toya’s wedding, and going out afterwards. I began to realize that sometimes people were not meant to be in your lives, and the friends that matter still are.

November: Where do I begin? My car broke down on several different occasions. My dad’s cancer returned and he started radiation. I started dating a man and it was great while it lasted. Started talking to someone new and he’s a really nice guy. I replaced the transmission in my car. WOOHOO. Things I thought were going well with Eric. I caught bronchitis and stayed sick most of the month with it. The cough has finally gone away.

December: I find out that things are not going so well with Eric and that’s fine because he made a decision for his family and I completely understand, however it doesn’t take away the hurt. I started talking to someone named Sean. My car broke down yet again on the Interstate in the middle of lunchtime traffic. We celebrated Christmas with the family. My dad had his last radiation treatment the week before Christmas.

I’m looking forward to the New Year where great things happen. Maybe my whole year will go well and not just the first couple of months.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nothing Better To Do!!!!

I LOVE this song!!!

Christmas... fast approaching and I think I have all of my shopping done, which hopefully I finished last night. WOOHOOO, Brooke is getting a lot of neat stuff that I hope she shares so I can play with it too...hahahah!!! Anyway, she is the most important as we are all having financial problems this year. I just had a new salvaged transmission put in my car...eeks, and a few fuel pumps, and filters later, my car finally works again. My dad has done a fantastic job at fixing it when something goes wrong and even though he's going through his radiation I've not once heard him complain. However, he did ask if a stick of dynamite would work in putting my car under. It's been nothing but one big problem this year, so I'm going to have to save up the money next year to purchase a new used better car of some sort.

Brooke is all excited about Christmas coming...and so am I. I know her face is going to light up when she sees everything she's getting. I'm excited about her getting her stuff from Santa!!! It's getting so close and you can just see the little holiday spirit in her eyes when she looks around. She's going to be really excited when she comes home tonight and finds gifts under the tree!!! It's going to be amazing!!!! I can't wait, in fact I might stand by the tree to take pictures of her little amazingly beautiful face!!! She's so funny!!! I call my best friend Layne and if she's not good I'll tell her I'm talking to Santa, and she'll talk to him, and then she'll kiss and hug the phone. It's soo funny and cute at the same time.

Anyway, things with Eric didn't work out. He went back to try things out with his ex-wife for the sake of their son. I commend him in wanting to work things out but after nine years. It's not like his son is deprived. He'll take him out of school and go do things with him, just whenever he feels like it. He'll fly down and buy him whatever and doesn't have a problem with it. Of course if I made the kind of money he did Brooke or I wouldn't have a care in the world either...hahah!!! But money can not buy love or happiness. Money is the root of all evil!!!!

Anyway, enough about that. My dad is nearly done with his radiation treatments and I think he's really excited about that. I'm thankful. I'm thankful that it'd didn't spread to anywhere else and it stayed contained. I miss my old daddy, the one that was happy all the time. The one who didn't snap a lot because he was tired and wore out. I want MY daddy back. It's been a rough year and I'm really looking forward to the new year, a new beginning on life. New starts in life. I'm going to party like it's 1999, that's for sure...maybe I'll go out and get wasted on New Years and not sit at home like an old bitty!!!

Anyhow, I better get back to work. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

SO many things...things things things...

So my car broke down AGAIN last week, and I was pretty pissed off. We're talking lunch time traffic on Interstate 20. So I call my dad and he comes and rescues my car and I hitch a ride with my co-worker who has come to rescue me. My sister comes to the office and gets me to bring me back to the house to get the spare truck. I get that, then go back into town to get my stuff out of my car for my date that night, and go to my sisters, drop it off and then go pick Brooke up from daycare. Lets just say that I ended up taking Friday afternoon off. I think I was there a total of about 20 minutes...hahhahah!!!

I was supposed to have a date Friday night but he cancelled on me after I had busted my ass trying to find a babysitter. I felt dissapointed and let down, but what do you do? This is after he told me on Tuesday to find a babysitter because we were going out on Friday. He got called out at 3am to go to a rig, yet I managed to get through the day after being up until 4:30 doing homework. I was pissed off. Yet what do you do, we're too early in the game to say anything about it and then how do you approach the situation? So my sister and I ended up going out and then we went and bought alcohol and went back to her house and snacked, drank, and watched Hairspray. Cute little movie by the way.

Saturday I decided I wasn't sitting at home for two nights in a row so I loaded Brooke up and we went to the drive-in movies that we have here and we saw enchanted. It was a good movie and I really enjoyed it, when it comes out its a definite must own. We also watched Dan in Real Life, and it was good too. I ended up falling asleep and awoke to Brooke rolling the window down. But overall despite it being super cold, we had a good time.

Today we went and saw The Sound of Music put on by the highschoolers at my alma matter. That was really good. The singing was fantabulous. Better than I expected and oh so great. It's amazing what they did.

Anyway, this coming week starts finals, which I'll be super happy when they are over with and I'm gonna go celebrate, who knows doing what or where but damnit I'm going to go. Maybe my sister and I will go out for coctails and a WHOLE bunch of them.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a nice week.