Sunday, May 27, 2018

Little Peep

So we have started hatching some chickens to add to our flock out at the property. We were blessed with 10 chicks a few weeks ago, except one chick was super special. His name was Peep Peep or Peep as we called him. He was loud, noisy, demanding of snuggles, and loved.  He had down that felt like the fur of your favorite stuffed animal. He was unique. He was born with his feet messed up, so we bandaged them up and made him little shoes. It looked like he was wearing paddles for a few days! He was sweet, loving, lovable, and now he is missed. There isn’t a day that goes by that little Peep isn’t on my mind.
Little Peep enjoying the sunshine. He wasn’t too wild about the grass! 

Little Peep was born very sick, he squeaked when he breathed and his feet were messed up. We gave him antibiotics, syringe fed him, fixed his feet, and loved him immensely. He had his own apartment, an incubator, with a stuffed monkey for snuggles and company, as well as food, water and a dirt box. When he hatched I had to help him completely, he was stuck oh so bad. Then we noticed his feet never flatted out, so we bandaged him up. The first night I got up every hour to give him water and food. I couldn’t let him die without me trying, after all he had already endured so much.

Colby saw how desperate I was to save little Peep, so on Friday he went to TSC and bought all of the necessary supplies. We started Peep on antibiotics, as well as a few other things, by the end of the day he was a new little chick. He started eating wet feed, on his own, as well as drinking. It was an exciting time. By the following Wednesday, Peep had started to go down hill. I continued my regiment of feeding and giving him water throughout the day, but he was losing weight. God had only given us a short time with him, and I’m so glad we made the most out of it.

Peep on Mother’s Day. I was so sick, but he needed to be taken care of, so I pushed my needs aside to care for him.  This is the day he started doing really well. 

I started taking Peep outside to do normal chicken things.  We played in the grass in the sunshine. I took him to experience the dirt that his siblings were hanging out with. I took him to see the big chickens. We hung out a lot. I played with him on the carpet, and most of all I loved him. The day before he passed it rained, and I knew at that point he would never grow big enough to experience it for himself. I wrapped him up in a towel and we went outside to watch the rain. You see, that morning he was really weak and he fell in his water dish. It wasn’t deep enough for him to drown but he became really cold. He started screaming and cheeping really loudly from his apartment, and my momma heart knew something was wrong. I rushed to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and started the blow dryer. I knew that if I didn’t get him warm I would lose him. I got him all warm, got him dry, and returned him to his apartment.  After all his apartment was a cozy 97 degrees. He snuggled up to his monkey and slept. He just kept sleeping.
Just doing chicken things!

I would scoop him out every hour to give him a drink, some food, and some much needed love. Even dying birds need love and comfort too. We went to bed, told him goodnight, and did it all again the next morning.

Friday morning I greeted him, like I did every morning, and he just wasn’t alert. I knew at that point that today was the day that Jesus would take him home. I gave him water, his electrolytes, and a bit of food, but something was different. Peep was very lethargic, very cold, and had a thick mucus in his mouth. I really knew at that point that it was time. I was praying that he would wait until Colby made it home, but God had other plans.  While cleaning, because I had also been super sick, I walked by the closet where his apartment was. God spoke to me and said, get Peep. Ok God, I hear you. I put down my cleaning towels, scooped Peep up and went outside with him. We sat in the warm sunshine with the older chicks.  His eyes were tightly closed, but he opened them, his breathing became more shallow, and he stretched out his sweet little wing and passed away. God took him home and he was healed.

Little Peep you were amazing!!! I loved you from the very beginning. I’m so glad that God chose me to be part of your life. I was going through some rough times while you were with us, and if it hadn’t been for you, then I don’t know what I would’ve done. Your down was incredible, your smell unforgettable, your cheep was lovable, and you were amazing! Your siblings are starting to feather out, and theres even a little one that we named Squirt. Squirt is little, probably the size you would be if you were still with us, and can you believe that his cheep is as loud and as frequent as yours? Every time I get Squirt out, he reminds me so much of you! I miss you so incredibly much, my depression worsened after you left us. Now there is a huge hole in my heart. I washed your monkey, Dad wouldn’t let me bury you with it, he said we might need it for another sick chick someday. I have somewhat cleaned out your apartment, but I can’t bare to finish. It’s still really hard. I know God gave us the right amount of time together, but to me it wasn’t enough. He needed you worse in heaven, then I needed you here on earth.

What I would give right now to hear you cheep, touch your fur, kiss and smell you. I took all of those things for granted while you were with us, and now you’re gone. Now, I just have those memories, and they are precious. I also made sure to take pictures of you! Peep, you made an impact on my life that I could never imagine. Thank you! I know you’re watching me down here, and I hope I’m doing ok with your siblings. I love them very much too. There are a few rambunctious one’s in there, but they are cute too.  No one has fur like you have, but that’s ok, because you were uniquely YOU!