Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Spring Cleaning...in the Fall?

Yes, it's taking place in my life.  When we think about spring cleaning we think about that once a year that our homes get a super good cleaning from the ceiling to the floor from baseboard to baseboard.  It's just a deep cleaning of our homes.  God can do that in our lives too, and it can happen at ANY time of the year.  Why?  Because like our homes it's often time necessary.  Does it hurt?...yes!  Does it help?...yes!  It can be a time for healing as well. 

God has been doing a bit of spring cleaning in mine life for a few months now and while it's been quite painful I've learned it's also quite necessary.  You see I have a few friends that since learning I was pregnant have ceased speaking with me.  I was not really sure why though.  Well, today I found out that it's because I went back to the man that I loved and some other decisions I have made along the way.  I'm sorry that this friend could not support me in this decision as I have supported him in many of his.  I was there for him when he and his "partner" were going through some crap and when he finally left him. I've been there for him in a quest for a new job.  When he told me he was gay I told him that I would never stop being his friend even though I didn't support his lifestyle.  I've always stood by this, while many of his friends vanished or began treating him differently.  I never felt like I was put on this planet to judge him or anyone else, even if I didn't agree with many decisions. 

I know that all these things are working together for the good.  Maybe it's for the better of my families life.  One can only hope.  I'm putting my faith and trust in God because that's all I can do.  I can no longer control others actions and they can no longer control mine.  We are all responsible for ourselves and ONLY ourselves.  No doubt will we make some enemies along the way because they will not agree with us, but I can live a life free of stress and worry this way. 

I have chosen to rid myself of this toxic individual on facebook.  I will no longer text him, nor wonder what he is up to.  You may not like the life I lead or the decisions I make and that is fine by me.  But you will not BASH my decisions or my family like you have done.  I have no room for you in my life.  May the Peace of God be with you! 

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