Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Remember

Today it has been 15 years since tragedy struck our nation!  We saw a nation come together like we had never seen before.  We saw enemies become friends, and friends become better people.  We have seen our nation shaken to the core and 15 years later we still remember every detail about that day.  We remember where we were, what we were wearing, who we were surrounded by, and more importantly we remember how we felt.  We remember watching on tv the chaos, whether we were at home, school, or work, we will never forget that day.  

I was a Senior in high school in 2001, we had started school a few weeks before.  I was wearing some black dress pants, and a royal blue dress shirt, my hair curled and my blue framed glasses on my face.  I was in 1st period walking the halls to collect the attendance, when our assistant principal pulled me into a classroom to say "Kourtney, have you seen this?" To which I replied "No, Mr. Elliott, I have not, what is going on?" I watched for a few brief moments and scurried to get the rest of the attendance to the office before 1st period was over.  

2nd period came and I went to my English class.  We sat and watched on tv as the plane hit World Trade Tower #2.  Horror struck our faces, tears filled our eyes, and grief filled our hearts.  Who had done this?  What was going on?  Why would they attack us like this?  We sat in silence for most of the day.  During English I got word that a plane had hit the Pentagon.  I welled up with tears, and ran to my moms office.  You see I had family that worked in that building and I wanted to know that they were ok.  My mind stayed on my family until I knew they were safe.  I grieved for those loved ones who didn't get that pleasant news that day.  I grieve for them still.  

English came and went and the rest of the day followed.  What I remember after that is a blur.  I do know that we didn't accomplish much work in any of my classes the rest of the day.  We sat and watched tv waiting to find out who had done this to our beautiful nation.  We watched first responders line the streets covered in dust and debris.  We watched our President promise that he would hunt down who did this and make them pay.  We watched a country stricken with grief come together and pray.  WE WATCHED, and we haven't stopped since.  

We saw friends and loved ones commit themselves to serve our county because it had brought our country together.  They are still doing it!  It's so incredibly unfortunate that it took this act of Terrorism to bring our country together and to unite this country in prayer.  We still need to be praying for this country, whether it be for the next President or for our leaders, we need to pray and never stop.  God blessed this great nation with so many things and opportunities, He still will if we allow it.

To those who lost a loved one during the attack or fighting the war on terrorism, I pray for you. You are in my prayers and thoughts daily.  To the service men and women who have given so much for our country I salute you and would like to say "Thank You" for allowing me and my family stay free.  To all the first responders and their families, thank you for remaining self-less day after day.

God Bless the USA! May we never forget!

Every year I remember a fine man, Lt. Charles Joseph Margiotta who was killed in the attacks.  Here is a link to the post where you can read more about him. 

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